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 SMSF Strategy Seminars
 Canberra - Tue 12 November 2019
 SMSF Core Course

SMSF Strategy Seminars


Quarterly seminars in March, May, August and November

Seminars in March and August

Seminars in May and November

Topic 1 – Succession to control in an SMSF & managing potential conflicts

Making sure trusted persons are left in control of each SMSF is key to smooth succession planning. This entails planning for the unexpected and making sure the plan ahead is well documented as you never know when you will die!

Moreover, in many long-term relationships, the surviving spouse may be left in a position of conflict where they are both the executor of their deceased spouse’s estate and the surviving SMSF trustee/director. Under this scenario, can the surviving spouse pay a death benefit to themselves?

This session will cover:

  • The key steps and what is now needed in enduring powers of attorney, wills, SMSF deeds, constitutions and related documents to achieve smooth succession to control including the role that alternate/successor directors play in an SMSF
  • How to manage a conflict of duty that may arise in the above scenario including a summary of the most recent case law on this point
  • Key takeaways for advisers to implement in practice illustrated with practical examples
  • Much more …


Topic 2 – SMSFs holding joint or part interests in property

We examine the super rules that apply to SMSFs holdings property with others and related parties. We also outline how best to document and manage these relationships from a legal perspective, including exit rights. We will cover practical tips and traps when an SMSF trustee:

  • Owns property together with other parties
  • Invests in property via an interposed entity (eg, a unit trust) with others including related parties


Topic 3 – SMSF Update

We will cover the latest SMSF developments including ATO material and case law, including:

  • How the foreign purchaser acquisition duty provisions of the various states and territories apply to SMSFs
  • The latest guidance from the ATO in relation to valuations including the focus on how pension assets should be valued and TBAR implications, etc



SMSF Strategy Seminars
No Price per attendee Price per attendee x 4 seminars
1-4 $230 $800
5-9 $200 $720
10+ $190 $680

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