SMSF Strategy Seminars


Quarterly seminars in March, May, August and November

Seminars in March and August

Seminars in May and November

Each seminar contains two discrete strategic topics and an SMSF update (based on different material to any prior DBA Network event). Topics are carefully chosen based on current strategies and examples and delve into technical rules and practical issues that advisers need to master. We also regularly workshop practical case studies.

Topic 1 – Super splitting & family law – SMSFs

Advisers are increasingly assisting their clients with their property settlements relating to divorce/separation including splitting super balances and SMSFs. In this session, we go through the key aspects of super splitting; both from an SMSF and a large fund perspective including:

  • How best to minimise risk when admitting a spouse to an SMSF
  • What is the best way to split super
  • How do the preservation, tax free %, TBC and other rules work
  • What are the key strategies, key traps and tips
  • Much more …

Topic 2 - LRBAs, guarantees and division 7A

There are numerous SMSFs with property with limited recourse borrowing arrangements ('LRBA') in place where the market value of property has decreased substantially. What happens when a guarantor is called on to pay down a borrowing when an SMSF is unable to meet the repayments, and what are the tax and regulatory implications?

We also cover the division 7A changes that apply from 1 July 2019 and the impact of these changes on SMSFs with SMSF borrowings from related parties.

Topic 3 – SMSF Update;including a Federal Election super snap shot

We will cover the latest SMSF developments including ATO material and case law. In particular, we will cover the latest superannuation and related changes expected after the May Federal election. This material is different to the content of the  SMSF Online Updates


SMSF Strategy Seminars
No Price per attendee Price per attendee x 4 seminars
1-4 $230 $800
5-9 $200 $720
10+ $190 $680

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