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SMSF Family Law and Relationship Breakdown Day

SMSF Family Law and Relationship Breakdown Day

Price (incl GST)
Per Head 1 - 4 people $550.00
Per Head 5 + people $495.00


The Savoy Hotel
630 Little Collins Street


Wednesday, 16 September 2020


Registration: 9.15 - 9.30am
Seminar: 9.30am - 4:30pm
  (including 15 mins for morning tea, 45 mins for lunch and 15 mins for afternoon tea)

All delegates must be registered to be able to see training and to be eligible to receive CPD hours and not to breach copyright law.

The SMSF Family Law & Relationship Breakdown Day provides a face-to-face practical, step-by-step guide on how to deal with family law and relationship breakdowns in an SMSF context.

It is designed for financial planners, accountants, auditors, SMSF administrators and lawyers who want a comprehensive guide to SMSF family law and relationship breakdown issues. With more than 40% divorce rate (based on marriages each year) and other relationship breakdowns involving SMSFs, advisers need to be well versed in how to manage the many aspects that relate to relationship breakdowns and more importantly, how to minimise the costs and stress of going through a relationship breakdown.

In particular, attendees will gain a detailed understanding of:

  • the key steps that are generally involved in a relationship breakdown involving an SMSF
  • the relevant superannuation and taxation issues
  • the key planning tips and traps and the latest strategies


The topics will be presented with practical case studies to illustrate their real-life application. The topics aim to foster the following skills in attendees:

  • Overview of the regulatory framework
  • Who to make your client to avoid conflicts of interest and unnecessary legal liability
  • What is the best way to split super in an SMSF and the pros and cons of a base amount versus an interest split?
  • Key aspects of typical SMSF splitting orders/provisions
  • How a financial agreement and superannuation agreement is best applied
  • What special provisions should be in the SMSF deed
  • What needs to be done to ensure a member is removed completely from an SMSF
  • How do the preservation, tax free %, transfer balance cap and other rules work?
  • Dealing with various relationships in an SMSF including LBTQI relationships
  • What are the key strategies, key traps and tips?
  • How best to minimise risk when admitting a spouse/friend or another member to an SMSF
  • What other aspects have to be considered from an SMSF perspective
  • What happens if there have been regulatory contraventions - the best way to deal with the ATO
  • And much more!

Number of Attendees

SMSF Family Law &

Relationship Breakdown Day

Price per attendee

1 - 4


5 +


  • Morning tea, afternoon and a light lunch provided


Daniel Butler
DBA Lawyers

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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