We offer a total SMSF CPD solution for all SMSF advisers (including accountants, financial planners, auditors, lawyers, administrators and actuaries).

We offer the following different types of training to cover all your needs:

  • SMSF Online Updates - to keep up to date with the latest developments
  • SMSF Strategy Seminars - to cover in depth strategies
  • SMSF Core Course - to provide core foundation training

We also provide the following SMSF training to cover special topics as needed from time to time:

We engage some of Australia's leading SMSF advisers to present our events.

SMSF Online Updates
SMSF Online Updates
SMSF Strategy Seminars
SMSF Strategy Seminars
SMSF Core Course
SMSF Core Course
Duration: 1½ hours x 6 p.a.

Designed for: keeping advisers up-to-date with latest changes in SMSFs

Content: a general update of all legislative changes, decisions, rulings etc impacting SMSFs from the last three months

Location: online

Duration: ½ day x 4 p.a. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth (Adelaide, Launceston, Newcastle & Canberra x 2 p.a.)

Designed for: providing an in-depth knowledge of two topical issues.

Content: detailed coverage of two topical issues plus a short general SMSF update

Location: 8 locations all around Australia

Duration: 2 day workshop or 10 x 1½ hr online sessions

Designed for: both new and seasoned advisers

Content: thorough review of key SMSF topics, illustrated with detailed materials with case studies

Location: Online or Melbourne workshop

Our training is competitively priced - please click here for pricing.
Our training is top quality - please click here for pricing.

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