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Special x 1 Day Seminars
 SMSF Online Updates
 Fri 3 Apr 2020
 Fri 5 Jun 2020
 Fri 24 Jul 2020
 Fri 4 Sep 2020
 Fri 16 Oct 2020
 Fri 5 Feb 2021
 SMSF Strategy Webinar
 March 2020 (Recording)
 SMSF Core Course

We offer a total SMSF CPD solution for all SMSF advisers (including accountants, financial planners, auditors, lawyers, administrators and actuaries).

We offer the following different types of training to cover all your needs:

  • SMSF Online Updates - to keep up to date with the latest developments
  • SMSF Strategy Webinar - to cover in depth strategies
  • SMSF Core Course - to provide core foundation training

We also provide the following SMSF training to cover special topics as needed from time to time:

We engage some of Australia's leading SMSF advisers to present our events.

For the remainder of 2020, all of our CPD training will be online via webinar or recording.

SMSF Online Updates
SMSF Online Updates
SMSF Strategy Webinar
SMSF Strategy Webinar
SMSF Core Course
SMSF Core Course
Duration: 1½ hours x 6 p.a.

Designed for: keeping advisers up-to-date with latest changes in SMSFs

Content: a general update of all legislative changes, decisions, rulings etc impacting SMSFs from the last three months

Duration: 1 x 3 hr recording (March 2020)

Designed for: providing an in-depth knowledge of two topical issues.

Content: detailed coverage of two topical issues plus a short general SMSF update

Due to the Coronavirus disease
(COVID-19), our face to face
SMSF Strategy Seminars for May, August and November 2020 around Australia are currently on hold.

Duration: 10 x 1½ hr online sessions

Designed for: both new and seasoned advisers

Content: thorough review of key SMSF topics, illustrated with detailed materials with case studies

Our training is competitively priced - please click here for pricing.
Our training is top quality - please click here for pricing.

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